I’ve found the perfect prints for your kids

I love discovering new cool homewares for kids – and I’ve made a discovery! Keton Kids make gorgeous prints for kids rooms and they come in the most amazing colours, designs and quotes. So cute in fact, that I own  two for my boys. Hudson loves the movie The  Wizard of Oz, so he has the Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My! print and Archer has the sling shot – so cute!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.01.15 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.40.31 pm

There is something for both boys and girls in amongst the prints and you will also discover gift cards, hand made gifts and printables. 


Jump on board their website and see what you can create for your little ones.

Enjoy. x

Picture source – Keton Kids website

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4 thoughts on “I’ve found the perfect prints for your kids

  1. They’re gorgeous Jules! Love Hudsonsebastian tee pee set up with it!
    The “when I grow up I want to be ___” reminded me of when I asked my 4 year old son, Archie, last week the question. The usual response is superhero. Last week he decided part time superhero is enough & wants the rest of the time he’s going to be a singer “just like bastian” (aka Guy Sebastian) & he’s going to write he’s own elephant song just like the one on bastians cd lol… I think Santa may be bringing some Bastian concert tickets this year! 😉

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