Bringing Sexy Back: The Makeovers

Every Tuesday night for the past six weeks, at around 8.30pm, I’ve received literally thousands of messages from fans of Bringing Sexy Back asking me what I dressed our lovely candidates in. For those of you that missed out – here’s the complete clothing list for the Bringing Sexy Back reveal outfits – and a few behind-the-scenes tidbits too! Enjoy x


Ahh Ned – what absolute Aussie legend. Such a great, down to earth bloke who had a genuine love for life and the people around him. He worked so hard and was so serious about getting his health back there was nothing stopping him. He did give me a bit of a rough go when it came to styling him up – he practically teased me and disagreed with everything I said and pulled out for him (all in fun of course), but we got there in the end with Ned and he looked smashing by the end of it. I knew I had done a good job, when I saw him out and about the next day wearing the leather jacket he wore in his reveal. SO happy for Ned and his gorgeous fiance Becky – they are just the cutest couple!

Ned’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.47.24 pm

Blaq shirt / Blaq undershirt / Wayne by Wayne Cooper jumper / Kenji jacket / Jeff Banks jeans / Jeff Banks belt / Blaq shoes / Jeff Banks tie / Trent Nathan watch

Sam & Garry

Sam & Gary would have the be the happiest, most loved up couple I’ve ever seen! So amazing to see two people so in love after two kids and years of marriage! They were pleasure to work with and so appreciative of all they help they received from Cam and I. Gary was extremely easy going and trusted me completely, so styling him was super fun and super easy! I wanted him to look sophisticated and suave – mission accomplished. With Sam, it took a little longer to nail her look but she was a bombshell by the end of her make over. We gave her brassy red hair and chinched in that tiny little waist to show off all her curves. She paid a visit to the dentist and walked away with a brand new smile – and what a smile she has!

Sam & Garry

Sam’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List

Cue dress / Cue belts / Urban Soul shoes / Trent Nathan earrings / Wayne by Wayne Cooper bangle

Garry’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List

Kenji shirt / Kenji jacket / Brave by Wayne Cooper jeans / Shoes / Trent Nathan watch


Lisa! What a stunner. This woman was so inspiring to be around. She really wanted to change her life and she did exactly that. She changed her whole perspective on health and fitness and I was there to style her for one of the most pivotal moments in her daughter (Lucy’s)  life – her debutante ball. Lisa carries herself with such confidence and so excited to wear a pretty fock and be there for Lucy’s big moment. Not only was she debuting her daughter but herself! Judging by the photo I took with her at the airport the day after the show aired – she has kept on track and is looking AMAZING!

Lisa’s Reveal Outfit: The Shopping List

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.37.03 pm
gown / Wayne Cooper shoes / Montique fur stoll / Olga Berg Clutch / Trent Nathan earrings / Trent Nathan bangles

Courtney & Vicky

These girls were a riot to style! There is nothing like a mother/daughter combo to brighten your day! They were so sweet with each other and very complimentary (and opinionated) with each others looks! We had a super fun day of fittings and practically tried on the entire 3 floors of Myer, but we managed to have those girls looking fabulous for their reveal. They were so happy with their new looks and bodies and so they should be. They looked beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.48.31 pm

Courtney’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List

Manning Kartell dress / Guess shoes / Trent Nathan earings / Wayne by Wayne Cooper bangle / Basque rings

Vicky’s Reveal Outfit: The Shopping List

Montique dress / Wayne by Wayne Cooper shoes / Trent Nathan earings /Basque bangles /Trent Nathan ring


The Italian Stallion! Livio was a winner of a bloke. He really worked his butt off to get this sexy back – and he did just that. We shaved his beard and got rid of all that hair gel from his (my words) helmet head, and textured his hair with a modern cut. I put Livio in a suit in a blue colour to steer away from the basic black that mens suits tend to lean towards. I loved hearing Livio’s story as we did our fittings – he has such a heart of gold. I was so happy for him getting married to the love of his life and his kid’s were soo cute! Livio – you did so well and did us all proud!

Livio’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.49.08 pm
suit /Kenji shirt / Trent Nathan shoes


Styling up this former model was awesome. Paula was really into trying on new things and loved fashion and being around the clothes and hair and make up. The more I was around Paula the more I saw her inner sass coming through so I wanted to give her a signature style – I chose a rock and roll edge and she really pulled it off! The corset and pants is not something that every girl can rock, but she really wore it beautifully. And that billboard – WOW! Go girl!

Paula’s Reveal Outfit : The Shopping List
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.49.18 pm

top /Montique pants /Tony Bianco heels / Sportsgirl necklace / Trent Nathan earings / Louise ring

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  1. Hi Jules

    I’m just catching up on BSB episodes and watched the Livio ep last night. May I please ask for details on the gorgeous shirt you were wearing poolside and during his styling season on Daydream Island.

    1. Hi Traci, I saw that the show was playing re-runs! So cool. The top I was wearing is from Sass & Bide, but as the show is not recent, I don’t think you will be able to still get it in store. Such a cool top though!

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